C2. Browser- & system-specific rendering

On certain occasions, the QA technician will encounter an archived web instance or element which renders differently in different web browsing environments. It is not generally required of QA technicians to assure equal levels of web archival quality among all possible environments, however these idiosyncrasies may manifest as instances are compared between web browsers (ie. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer), and/or between computer terminals running different operating systems (ie. Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux).

The main navigational element for Skarstedt Gallery renders to differing functionality between browsers as well as systems. Periodically non-functional when browsed through Chrome on a Windows 7 machine (top), it functions properly in both Windows Firefox (center) and Chrome for Mac OS X (bottom).

Such rendering errors are highly specific to the ways in which these browsers, operating systems, and the Wayback Machine are written, and so cannot be resolved by NYARC. Any encounter with this error must instead be reported to Archive-It, including specific description of the web browsers and operating systems involved, and documented on the relevant crawl’s QA report form.