2. Services Used for Website Harvesting and Playback

A). Archive-It:

The Archive-It service is primarily used for harvesting websites selected for inclusion in the NYARC collections. Archive-It is a subscription-based web archiving service of the Internet Archive and is used by organizations for harvesting and managing born-digital content. Archive-It currently works with over 500 partner organizations, inclusive of university libraries, state archives and libraries, museum and art libraries, historical societies, and public libraries.

B). Wayback Machine:

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine allows users to view archived websites as they existed on the live web over time. The Internet Archive began archiving cached pages of websites in 1996 and they continue to crawl the web at regular intervals. As of late 2015, the Wayback Machine has archived over 439 billion webpages from the Internet.

C). Webrecorder:

The Webrecorder tool allows users to archive dynamic web content on-demand, through browsing, and to instantly review that archived content and download their own copy of it. This free open-source service is presently under development at Rhizome, by lead developer Ilya Kreymer and digital conservator Dragran Espenschied, with the support of a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. As Webrecorder allows for high-fidelity replay of archived dynamic websites, NYARC has found the tool highly useful for capture of sites where the concern is more for the quality of the capture than the quantity of content that is being captured. NYARC has created collections with the Webrecorder service and is archiving content such as MoMA exhibition pages that rely heavily on JavaScript, Flash, and embedded A/V files.