Editing Omeka (CMS for Vienna Secession page)

To edit the Omeka Menu (instructions from Valery Chen (chen@frick.org) at the Frick):

1. Log in. http://secession.nyarc.org/admin/users/login

Possible logins (provided by consultant Julie Shean):

Superuser (me):


Omeka Administrator (Victoria)


2. Click on “Appearance” on the top admin bar.

3. Select the “Navigation” tab.

4. Click the right arrow next to the menu item you want to edit. Edit the URL and click Save Changes.

To Edit HTML (ex: URLs) in the Omeka page, log in as noted above. From Dashboard, look at lefthand column for "Simple Pages" link. Click on "Simple Pages" and options will display for each subpage of the Omeka site. Click on the Edit link below the page that needs editing. Under the Text section, the HTML for the page is captured. Replace any URLs that need to be edited (href="URL follows here"). Save Changes.