Local Parameter Field Assignment

Local Parameters are data fields within the Bibliographic Details and Holdings Details dimensions in Analytics that can be assigned to display and report on any Marc field in the bibliographic or holdings record. Only ten fields each are available for bibliographic and holdings records and regardless of what fields are assigned, the name of the Local Parameter fields remain the same. If the information below ever needs to be substantiated, Ex Libris support can easily tell us which fields are assigned to which parameters. Assigning a Marc field to a currently unassigned Local Parameter, or changing the currently assigned field to something new, is accomplished by opening a new case/request at Ex Libris staff will make the assignment and then start a job to re-index the catalog. Once started, that job is visible in Alma at Admin>Monitor Jobs.

[Updated J Lill 1/23/2023]

Bibliographic Details

  • Local Param 01: Marc 852. Call Number, used by MoMA.
    Note: Previously this was old Sierra Bib Record Number
    from the Marc field 910 but this is available in two other places in analytics. In Bibliographic Details, it's in "Originating System ID" and "Network Number", which both (more or less) reproduce it from the bib 035 field with the (nynyarc) prefix.

  • Local Param 02: Marc 952. used by MoMA for cataloging statistics
    Note: Bib 852 fields are copied over to 952 so that they are available to search in Alma. On the analytics side however, we could just have easily assigned the 852 to a local parameter field as 952 to make it available to report.

  • Local Param 03: Marc 561. Ownership and custodial history note, used by MoMA and Frick.

  • Local Param 04: Marc 541. Immediate source of acquisition note, used by MoMA, can be reassigned.

  • Local Param 05: Marc 947. Frick cataloguing statistics.

  • Local Param 06: Marc 774. Constituent Unit Entry, added for MoMA to report bound with titles

  • Local Param 07: Marc 090. Locally Assigned LC-type Call Number. Added by MoMA. Short-term only for creating analytic sets.

  • Local Param 08: Marc 340. Frick Photoarchive medium and dimensions.

  • Local Param 09: Marc 650. Subject Added Entry-Topical Term. Added by MoMA. Short-term only.

  • Local Param 10: Marc 700: Added Entry Personal Name. Added by Frick?

Holdings Details

  • Holding Local Param 01: Unassigned

  • Holding Local Param 02: Unassigned

  • Holding Local Param 03: Unassigned

  • Holding Local Param 04: Unassigned

  • Holding Local Param 05: Unassigned

  • Holding Local Param 06: Unassigned

  • Holding Local Param 07: Unassigned

  • Holding Local Param 08: Unassigned

  • Holding Local Param 09: Unassigned

  • Holding Local Param 10: Unassigned