Bibliographic Standards & Procedures Manual (BSPM)

Purpose: Data standardization and the harmonizing of procedures are essential to ensure the integrity of a shared bibliographic database. This document defines the bibliographic standards and procedures to be followed by all NYARC institutions contributing new bibliographic records to the NYARC Integrated Library System (heretofore referred to as Arcade). It is recognized that legacy data not conforming to these standards and policies exists in Arcade.

Decentralization: The NYARC institutions create and maintain data in a decentralized environment. Within the limits of the bibliographic standard, each library determines the appropriate level of cataloging and access points for its own materials. The members of the NYARC Technical Contacts Committee (TCC) serve as resources for the entire NYARC consortium on issues regarding best cataloging practices and the application of the standards and procedures included in this document.

Currency: All documents cited refer to the latest edition of the publication. The national standards and local policies prescribed in this document are subject to revision and change. New standards and policies will be evaluated by the TCC as they emerge for incorporation into this document. Submissions for revisions or additions to this document are encouraged by participating institutions and may be sent to the committee at any time. TCC members are responsible for the revising and maintaining this manual.

Aknowledgements: This document is modeled on Harvard University Bibliographic Standards, the Ohio Private Academic Libraries (OPAL) Cataloging Standards & Procedures Manual, and the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) Bibliographic Standards. NYARC acknowledges and thanks Harvard, OPAL, and USMAI for their work in this area and for making these materials accessible to the library community.