While time-based and highly user-responsive, and therefore a problematic content type in its own right, video is more typically a challenge to scope in such a way that leads to successful capture. Videos hosted among directories within the given seed URL’s domain or subdomains, and which is played back through player interfaces native to the same, tend not to manifest consistent or significant problems in crawling and capturing. Far more problematic to crawl, capture, and render are videos hosted among web standard services like YouTube and Vimeo.. Refer to Archive-It's help documentation for specific types of websites for general best scoping practices to capture video content from the hosting services YouTube and Vimeo.

While no strategy has proven to be permanently successful at capturing and rendering video hosted for the sites within NYARC's institutional or collecting scopes, new video content either via YouTube or Vimeo is frequently crawled and replayed with success.

Instances of individual videos failing to replay must be reported to Archive-It and documented as all other inabilities to patch crawl missing content on the relevant crawl’s QA report form.