MarcEdit is a freeware application for working with MARC records. The tool has many useful functions such as generating MARC records from spreadsheets or delimited files, batch editing records, validating URLs, and transforming records to other schema. There are many online resources available to learn MARCEdit, which can be found by using a Google search, as this is widely used application in libraries. The application download and documentation is available at

Transform MARC to MARCXML

1. Open MarcEdit and Select the MARC Tool icon.

2. In the Input File field, browse to the file you transferred from Sierra by clicking on the file icon. Note: you’ll need to change the file type in the browse dialog box to All files because MARCEdit is looking for a file with a “.mrc” extension and the Sierra file has a “.out” extension.

3. In the Output File field, click the file icon, the system will default to using the same name as the file you selected previously. Under Save as type, select MARC21XML, MODS (*.xml)

4. Under Functions, select MARC21=>MARC21XML

5. Click Execute.

6. The XML now resides at the location you selected in step 3.