1. General Principles

National Cataloging Standards

    • Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd ed., 2002 rev.

Minimal Level Record Requirements

Minimum data requirements are necessary to ensure access to the NYARC collections and material on order, and also serve to prevent the addition of duplicate records in the database. While it is recommended that material receive OCLC’s full-level or core-level cataloging, it is recognized that constraints exist that do not always make this possible. For those materials that receive less-than-full cataloging, requirements for non-provisional and provisional records follow:

Non-provisional Input Standard

(R Required) RA (Required if Available)

    • Leader: (Encoding Level) (R)

    • Fixed fields: Language Code, Country Code, Pub Date Type, Pub date®

    • LCCN, ISBN, ISSN, Imprint (RA)

    • When title proper is main entry, a name access point (RA)

    • Title proper

    • First statement of responsibility

    • Edition statement

    • Material specific details (or type of publication)

    • First publisher, date of publication

    • Extent

    • Note(s)

    • Standard number

Provisional Input Standard

Brief bibliographic records may be used in the acquisitions workflow when copy cannot be found using Z39.50 in OCLC or other search targets. Brief records are temporary and should be replaced with fully cataloged records. These provisional records will include the following data elements to facilitate identification and access:

  • 008 Date

  • 008 Place

  • 008 Language

  • 020 Standard number

  • 1xx Author

  • 245 Title

  • 250 Edition

  • 260 Publisher place/name/date

RDA Records

RDA Records in the NYARC Catalog

Since the beginning of the RDA test period (Oct. 2010-Mar. 2011), RDA bibliographic and authority records have been imported to Sierra.

Editing RDA Records

RDA data and the new MARC fields created to accomodate them (described in the LC document, RDA in MARC ) will be left intact when bibliographic and authority records are imported to Sierra. They will not be edited to conform to AACR2/LCRI.

RDA Transition Timeline

Feb 1: Day 1 for RDA-only creation of original bibliographic records for print monographs by NYARC catalogers.

Deduplication Approach

Due to legacy data, Arcade does contain duplicate bibliographic records, but ongoing projects are merging these records. It is the consortium policy that bibliographic records for the same item are shared.

Multiple Records for Different Formats

The NYARC libraries have adopted a multiple record approach for titles in different formats. Cataloging in each format will follow current versions of AACR2 and OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards. For electronic resources, CONSER’s Aggregator Neutral approach will be used.

Material Type icons will be used in the OPAC to facilitate identification of resources. See Sierra Material Type codes.