General Guidelines

The NYARC blog is used to promote the library collections, activities and services of the NYARC institutions. The subject matter of blog postings can be wide-ranging, but should always refer back to the libraries or library collections and services. While using a casual voice is encouraged, it is expected that blog postings will be professional and reflect well on the NYARC institutions. Bloggers are strongly encouraged to check facts, cite sources, present balanced views, acknowledge and correct errors, and check spelling and grammar prior to submission. All library staff are encouraged to participate in the blog. If you have a blog idea, please contact your site blog manager to coordinate.

Blog Managers

Sara Holladay is the overall administrator of the NYARC blog.

Deirdre Lawrence, Brooklyn

Suz Massen, Frick. Additionally Heidi Rosenau should review the entry before posting.

Jenny Tobias, MoMA

Blog managers are responsible for reviewing contributions from affiliated staff and coordinating blog entry submissions on a timely basis.


Earlier attempts to adhere to a monthly schedule were not successful. Staff contributions are accepted at any time.


There is no word count restriction associated with a blog post, but blogs should be conversational, not overly scholarly. The idea is to tell a good story, give an insider perspective, or highlight some news of interest. All blog postings must contain:

    • Title: a short, catchy title for the post

    • Links: links to relevant sites named in the post. Posts should link to content available on our respective institutional websites or to bibliographic material in Arcade. Wikipedia links are also used in our posts. All links should be verified before submission. The first occurrence of a specific word or site should be linked, not every occurrence in the post.

    • Signature: Name, title, institution.

    • For example, Milan Hughston, Chief of Library and Museum Archives, The Museum of Modern Art

    • Images: Images are encouraged to be included in the body of the post for visual interest. All images must have corresponding citations included. At least one image is required for use in the banner section. The image for the banner position should be 1200px (width) x 400px (height). This size will allow the post to be rotated on the front page. Please crop pictures accordingly. Embedded images 660px wide (any height) and either horizontal or vertical orientation.

      • Please do not violate copyright when using images for blog posts. Free images can be found from a number of sites or created in-house.

Posting Procedures

1. Login to http://nyarc.org/user

2. Click Content > Add Content

3. Choose Article for a blog posts (see input guidelines)

4. Once the post is live, add the image to the front page (Appearance > Poetry > Settings > Front Page > Image Slider > add image (upload again), caption (post title) and URL the click Save Configuration. (This will take a moment to update. If you don't see the new image on the slider, clear your cache.)

5. Send a message to the NYARC distribution list announcing the post.

Input guidelines

Images: Image citations use Heading 5. Add alternate text for all images (use citation text)

Links: External links should open up in a new window, choose Target tab > New Window (_blank)

Tags: Add tags for each post. Start with brooklyn museum, frick, moma for contributing library.

Authors: All authors need a user account (see People menu) to appear as an author on the site.The "review" author is used for posts in draft form for review by staff.

Published: Published posts are instantly live and a tweet is automatically sent via our @nyarcist account.

Credit line: Italicize the credit line.

Links: Links to bibliographic records should point to NYARC Discovery to promote use of that platform, not Arcade or the individual scopes.