3. Headings, Classification and Shelflisting

Name Headings

Local Name Headings

FARL Photoarchive Name Headings

790 - Private Collection - Named Collection (FARL Photoarchive Name Form)

791 - Private Collection - Anonymous Collection (FARL Photoarchive Name Form)

792 - Artist Name (FARL Photoarchive Name Form)

793 - Variant Attribution (FARL Photoarchive Name Form)

Subject Headings


For academic dissertations, use the AAT preferred term, "dissertations."

655 _7 Dissertations.$2aat

Local Subject Headings

To facilitate searching across collections and to maintain the integrity of the database, the use of local subject headings is discouraged. When local subjects are used they should coded with a 2nd indicator of 4 to shield them from authority control. Exceptions have been made for the following applications of local subjects:

    • Brooklyn to retain practice of: $z Brooklyn (New York, NY). When this geographic subdivision is applied, the heading will be duplicated with the standard $z New York (State) $z New York subdivision to facilitate collocation across the database.

    • Brooklyn to retain practice of: 710 2 Brooklyn Museum.$t The machine age in American, 1918-1941.

    • Brooklyn Wilbour Library materials receive local egyptological subject and name headings.

    • MoMA to retain following practices:

        • 610 20 Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.).$t A decade of collecting.$f1997

        • 600 14 Picasso, Pablo,$d1881-1973|xDrawing

Non-Standard Subject Headings

600 14

WorldCat records for multiple-artist exhibition catalogs sometimes contain 600 14 fields for each artist in the catalog. These fields should be retained when the records are imported to Sierra.


653 fields in WorldCat records will not be blocked from Sierra. Retention or deletion of 653 fields is left to cataloger's judgment.

Classification and Shelflisting

Adding dates to pre-1982 LC call numbers: Pre-1982 LC call numbers lack dates. Add dates to these call numbers locally, in the 852 fields of bib and item records.