Standing Committees

Technical Contacts Group

Formed in 2007, this standing committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss workflow and data issues related to Arcade and to move the work on the Bibliographic Standards and Procedures Manual forward. The Basecamp site records meeting notes and communication: Questions relating to cataloging practices in Arcade should be directed to the group.

Members include:

Mark Bresnan

Danny Fermon

Ian Goulston (note taker)

Jonathan Lill

Suz Massen

User Group

Formed in 2019, the NYARC User Group was created to address design needs for Arcade, Brookmuse, Dadabase, and FRESCO. In 2019, the User Group meets weekly and takes the place of the Discovery Working Group, as noted below. The Basecamp site records group communication:

Members include:

Jonathan Lill

Jillian Suarez

Suz Massen

John McQuaid

Ralph Baylor

Note-taking Guidelines


1. Title: Title the notes with the name, date and time of the committee meeting. For example:

Technical Contacts Call Monday, February 7 at 10:00 am

2. Purpose: Add the purpose for the meeting. For example, the regularly scheduled Technical Contacts meeting purpose reads:

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss workflow and data issues related to Arcade, and to move the work on the BSPM forward.

3. Attendees: List meeting attendees and affiliation. For example:

Present: Danny Fermon (MoMA), Mark Bresnan (FARL), Beth Kushner (Brooklyn), Lily Pregill (NYARC), Sara Holladay (NYARC)

4. Body: The body of the notes should follow the agenda, with headings for each numbered topic. For notes on topics not on the original agenda that arise during discussion, add a separate paragraph under a related topic, if any, or include them in the “Other business” section.

5. Action items: Action items should be recorded in each topic area as a separate line and italicized. For example:

Action item: Lily will look for guidelines and distribute to the group.

6. Next meeting: The next meeting is noted following the agenda topics.

7. Submitted by:The note-taker signs the notes:

Submitted by [your name here]


NYARC is used to refer to the consortium. Abbreviations are acceptable within the notes and can be used at the secretary’s discretion.


Notes should be emailed to Lily as a Word document for archiving on the Frick’s network. The file name should be the name of the committee and date (YYYYMMDD). For example:

Technical Contacts notes 20120101.docx

Notes are posted by the note-taker in a message via Basecamp to the committee members and the directors (Deirdre, Milan and Debbie). The Technical Contacts notes are also distributed to Christina Peter.