4. Document QA process, problems, and recommendations

QA Technicians are encouraged to track their own progress reviewing and improving the quality of archived web instances in the manner that best fits their content. To centralize the record of NYARC’s web archives undergoing QA, and to facilitate review and future reference, however, the completion of QA procedures must be logged and submitted to the NYARC Web Archiving Program Coordinator.

Submit QA report form

After you have completely reviewed the crawl’s report, assessed its capture through the Wayback interface, pursued any missing content through patch crawling, and requested any further capture or rendering improvements directly from Archive-It, document the results of the crawl and of your QA process by way of the NYARC Quality Assurance (QA) Report form here:


Identify crawl

Begin by selecting the relevant NYARC collection from the Collection drop-down menu, indicating the date on which your crawl was completed (this information can be found on the crawl report’s Summary tab), and selecting your name from the QA Technician drop-down menu.

Log QA actions taken

Indicate the standard QA procedures performed in the process of your review, provide comments on any additional procedures required or problems encountered in the process, and click Continue.

Note that any problems or issues of quality specific to the captured web instance under your review will be documented separately, on the following page. Do not detail them in the comments field above.

Log issues of quality

Indicate all major quality problem types currently manifest in the crawl, provide a brief description of each (including, whenever feasible, an evidentiary Wayback URL), and click Continue.

Note that the above list represents only the major categories of issues that require strategic decision-making. For more comprehensive coverage of issues of quality see the following section on known quality problems and improvement strategies.

Make recommendations for improvement

Based upon your review of the crawl’s report, Wayback iteration, and responsiveness to improvement strategies already employed, indicate all recommended changes to NYARC’s capture strategy for the web instance under review, briefly specify these recommendations.

This concludes the QA process.