Moving ECIP records from Connexion to FTP server

These instructions support the ECIP workflow used at the Frick.

    1. ECIP record must reside in the S:\FARL\BOOK-DK\OCLCbib\ecip.bib local Connexion save file. You can move your record from your local default file to the ecip file using the Copy record action.

    2. Open a FTP client, such as Filezilla or CoreFTP, and connect to the NYARC server using the following settings:

· FTP Username:

· Password: c0ll@borate

· FTP Server/Host:

· Port: 21

Settings in CoreFTP:

3. Transfer the ecip.bib file at S:\FARL\BOOK\OCLCbib\ecip.bib to the NYARC server. Your default directory will be the “ecip” directory. Close the ftp client when the transfer is complete. LC will pickup the file on the server.